Indestructible Dog Toys for the Chew-inator in Your Life

Dogs love toys, and the thing they love most about toys is destroying them. best chew toys for dogs At least, that’s the case with so-called aggressive chewers, who have a knack for shredding whatever plaything you put in front of them – be it plush, plastic, or rope. If your dog fits this description, you probably have a heap of eviscerated and mangled toys somewhere in your home.

Pitbulls, Labs, and other powerful breeds are known for being strong chewers, but even tiny dogs can wreck toys in no time if they put their minds to it. The worst thing about it – aside from the possibility of your dog swallowing indigestible pieces – is the money you waste on toys that only keep your dog entertained for a few hours (or even a few minutes).

While no dog toy is completely chewed proof, some are much more durable than others. Here are 10 of the best indestructible dog toys on the market. If your dog can chew through these, she probably deserves some sort of prize.

Labrador Retrievers – who doesn’t love them? As one of the most rewarding dog breeds in terms of their loyalty, love, and playfulness, Labs are undoubtedly the most beloved of companions.

However, if there is a downside to owning a Lab, it’s the continual and vigorous chewing of anything that isn’t nailed to the floor!

As a retrieving breed initially bred to retrieve items in their mouths, labs have a predisposition to carry objects around and chew on them. This is very much an innate characteristic of Labs.

This isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds. Labs are often such vigorous chewers that they can destroy your run-of-the-mill chew toys within minutes, even those that market themselves as ‘indestructible’.

We’ll guide you through exactly what you should look for in a suitable chew toy that can withstand even the most enthusiastic of chewers.

Read on to discover both how to choose and our recommendations for the best, toughest, durable dog toys suitable for heavy chewers.

Tips for Kong Dog Toys

How to Best Provide Toys With Your Dog’s Safety In Mind

Don’t try and second-guess your dog’s power to destroy when it comes to choosing the best toys for them. That potent mix of boredom, willpower, and determination in a Labrador can be destructive so make sure the toys you decide on are more than strong enough to withstand heavy chewing.

As always, it’s imperative to keep an eye on your canine companion as they chew to ensure no real damage – to the toy or your pup – is going down.

Small parts dislocating from the toy or a seemingly shrinking size should make you put the toy straight in the bin – your dog should not be allowed to ingest parts of their toys.

Indestructible? Don’t Count On It

Huge numbers of toys are touted as ‘indestructible’ nowadays and it’s easy to fall for the persuasive sales rhetoric.

Chances are, however, it isn’t indestructible and may even be demolished within mere minutes of meeting your Lab.

It’s best to take the indestructible moniker with a pinch of salt, and buy those on the advice of others who can attest to their toughness.

Creative Cute Bear Shaped Light Musical Pillow Cushion With Speaker Stuffed Plush Toy

Stuffed Plush Toy

  • Lovely Bear Music Pillow is Multifunctional. It not only is a pillow but also is a plush toy and a light speaker to listen to the music. It really is the best gift to babies girls or women.
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  • Cotton and High-elastic fiber Material, Comfortable feel.

Squeakers are always the first to go – and for many dogs, once the squeak is gone, so is their interest. The solution? Multiple squeakers, of course. This plush mat has several squeakers sewn inside, giving your ruthless toy offing pooch more than one target to work on.

As a bonus, this toy doesn’t have any stuffing to be swallowed or strewn around your house when your dog eventually tears it open (and your dog will eventually tear it open – it’s plush, after all).

Lovely Bear Music Pillow is Multifunctional. It not only is a pillow tbut also is a plush toy and a light speaker to listen to he music. It really is the best gift to babies girls or women.
Can as a pillow or cushion in your bed or sofa. To protect your neck and waist. And it will be your best partner to accompany you everyday.

Cute Bear shaped plush toy, lovely facial expression , lazy demeanor, so cute. Lovely Home deco in your room.
Built-in small speakers, avoid prolonged wearing headphones so that hurt the eardrum. Protect your ears! It also can improve sleep quality, enhance learning efficiency etc.
Cotton and High-elastic fiber Material, Comfortable feel
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The Top Pick is Hard Rubber Chew Toys

Although earlier we warned against falling for the ‘indestructible’ sales pitch, you can rest assured that genuinely hard rubber toys are the closest you can get!

Indestructible chew toys don’t exist, every toys life will come to an end, but some can last many months and quality hard rubber toys are easily the best candidates, being the most durable toys on the market.

You may have already come across the Kong brand? Although a little more expensive than lower quality toys, they are one of the most trusted brands on the market for their safe and durable products and also have a huge product selection to choose from.

You’re sure to be able to find the perfect fit for your pup!

Strong, Fibrous Rope Style Toys

Rope-style chew toys are a good bet, especially from a durability point of view.

Their fibrous material is tested and proven to be strong enough to withstand vigorous chewing, while also being incredibly good for cleaning your dogs teeth.

And, good news for busy owners, they’re incredibly easy to wash which is important because many dog toys end up extremely smelly after days or more of being subjected to dog slobber and being thrown around outside.

Look out for cotton rope toys that are almost always exceptionally thick, with a huge number of threads, hinting at their tough durability.

If you’re worrying about your Lab swallowing a few loose threads, don’t lose sleep over it as they will easily ‘pass through’ if swallowed.

Quality Costs But is The Best Choice

The temptation to opt for cheaper plush or vinyl toys is understandable, but remember that from a safety and durability angle, they simply don’t make the grade against the superior hard rubber toys.

It’s a false economy to continually buy cheaper toys for dedicated chewers and much more financially prudent to invest in a more expensive, yet more durable and safe product like the hard rubber toys.

We’re talking here about toys that will stand the test of time over a number of months and years, rather than being destroyed within minutes or hours of bringing them home from the pet store.

A single high quality toy that lasts a year is so much better – and cheaper – than buying a $5 toy every month that only lasts a day or two.

Quality costs more – but saves in the long run!

Our Pick of 10 Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

We know that it’s hard to find the perfect chew toy for your vigorously chewing Lab so we’ve put together a list of the top ten best toys for strong chewers that we believe are the crème de la crème of the market and sure to keep both you and your dog happy.

The Original – And Still The Best – Tough Dog Toys From Kong

Undoubtedly the market leaders, Kong toys were invented decades back in response to the founder’s German Shepherd needing a tough toy to keep him entertained.

The original ‘indestructible’ dog toy brand, Kongs are super tough and ideal for aggressive chewers.

We love that there’s such a huge variety of different toys on offer in the Kong range – you’ll certainly be able to find something perfect for your Lab. Many of them can even be stuffed with treats for some added fun!

Here is our top 5 picks of battle tested, long-lasting tough Kong Toy range:

Kong Extreme Dog Toy – Ultra-strong, Ultra-Durable


Touted as the world’s strongest chew toy, the Extreme is perfect for the dog who continues to amaze you with how quickly they can destroy.

It’s universally popular with heavy chewers and is used even by police, drug enforcement and military K-9 teams, as well as the Schutzhund and AKC competition trainers.

Recommendations don’t come much higher than that!

Made using carbon Black Ultra-Flex™, the Extreme is puncture-resistant and about as indestructible as a dog toy can be.

It’s non-toxic too and can even be stuffed with treats, which is guaranteed to keep your heavy chewer occupied, stave off boredom and ease any separation anxiety they may suffer from. For this reason, the Kong is also recommended for owners about to start crate training with their dogs.

The Extreme also doubles up as an interactive toy to help you get involved in playtime – it has an unpredictable bounce on it due to its undulating curved design, which is perfect for games of fetch with playful pups.

KONG Extreme is the most durable version of our original KONG toy. The ultra-strong, ultra-durable, black rubber compound is recommended for the most powerful chewers. Our super-bouncy, black natural rubber compound is unequaled for dogs who like to chew. Stuffing healthy treats into a KONG keeps dogs happily working and out of trouble for long periods of time.

Zogoflex Hurley


Got a chewer and a swimmer? Then you could hardly do better than this toy, which floats on water and is guaranteed strong. If your dog destroys one of these, the manufacturer will replace it free of charge.

The toy comes in three neon colors, which make it easier to spot in the grass.

Hurley is a floatable, bouncing dog bone that doesn’t get all grimy from being in a dog’s mouth. Safer and gentler than rawhide bones, this classic dog bone doubles as a fetch stick. A major bestseller, dogs love it for gnawing and fetching (especially in water). Owners like the easy dishwasher clean-up. Hurley is a great toy to keep dogs mentally and physically stimulated and, most importantly, away from shoes and furniture. So go ahead and give your dog a bone.


Kong Wobbler Toy – Tough AND Mentally Stimulating


Living up to its name, the Wobbler toy is a fantastic plaything for your Lab as they try to control it and stop it wobbling, falling over and rolling away from them.

Primarily a food dispenser, the Wobbler can be stuffed with your Lab’s kibble or favorite treat and occupy your dog for hours on end.

This means it’s a great toy to use with dogs that eat their food too quickly when it’s set out in front of them in a bowl – the challenge of retrieving their food from the Wobbler will be enough to get them to slow down and savor.

As always with Kong toys, durability and toughness is guaranteed with the US-made Wobbler.

The real stand-out feature, however, is the fact your dog will be mentally and physically stimulated with the effort needed to retrieve the food and treats so boredom and destructive chewing will seem like a lifetime away.

As an added bonus, the Wobbler is dishwasher safe and also has an easy twist off dispenser – just because your Lab may have a challenge getting the food out shouldn’t mean you have a challenge getting it in!

The Wobbler is a KONG-shaped toy and feeder that sits up until your dog pushes it down with their paws or noses. The best part- it then dispenses treats as it wobbles spins and rolls. The unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging even for the seasoned pooch. Use the Wobbler as an alternative to a dog bowl and help extend meal time and exercise your dog.

Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur


Dental bones are great for cleaning your dog’s teeth, but most of them can’t withstand the fury of an extreme chewer for very long. This toy is designed specifically for heavy chewers, so it stands a much better chance of holding up. That said, really tenacious pups might be able to chew off little pieces of this, so it’s best to check the toy’s condition periodically.

If your dog’s not a big fan of T-Rex’s, there are also Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus versions.

Designed for powerful chewers. Gently rounded dental nubs and bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth plus control plaque & tartar build-up. Suitable for dogs up to 50lbs

Kong Wubba Toy – Tough Toy For Fetch and Tug


Moving away from the more traditional chew toys for a moment, here we have the perfect interactive toy for frolicking in the park with your Lab.

The Wubba is a ‘tug-and-toss’ toy, whereby you toss it, your pup chases and catches it, fetches it to you when you can then also use it for a game of tug.

It’s comprised of two balls – one of which is a squeaker and the other a tennis ball – and some strong fabric ‘legs’ which your pup will adore pulling and chewing on.

Durability and toughness is key as always, so the balls are covered in super tough nylon while the fabric legs are equally heavy duty.

There’s a variety of colors and sizes available and even an option of plush fabric, which may be more appropriate for lighter chewers.

Remember that it’s always best to supervise your Lab when they’re chewing on toys, and especially if there are balls inside which they want to retrieve.

KONG Wubba is a fun, interactive toss and tug toy. Durable reinforced nylon fabric covers two rubber balls – a tennis ball on top and a squeaker ball beneath. Available in assorted colors.


Kong – Dog Toys Goodie Bone Extreme Durability


Much like the original Extreme toy, the Extreme Goodie Bone is incredibly durable and tough, therefore perfect for the most aggressive of chewers.

Shaped like a bone and made of super strong natural rubber, the Extreme Goodie Bone can also be stuffed with treats to keep a dog’s mind busy, trying to work the treats out.

This will ease boredom and stave off destructive chewing in your Lab as well as easing any separation anxiety they may suffer from.

Made in the US of non-toxic materials, the Extreme Goodie Bone is also puncture resistant.

One of the most interesting features of the toy is the patented ‘Goodie Grippers’ to be found at each end of the bone where you can stuff the toy with treats.

The ‘Goodie Grippers’ make it harder for your dog to retrieve the food, which serves to increase the effort, both mental and physical, of your dog as they go to town on the toy.

You’re sure to return home to a tired, yet satisfied dog!

The KONG Extreme Goodie Bone is the answer to dogs that love the classic bone shape, but need a safe and strong rubber toy. The ends of the Extreme Goodie Bone have patented Goodie Grippers for stuffing with KONG Stuff’N Snacks or for filling with Easy Treat paste.


Sherpa Baby Dragon


This may not be the strongest dog toy in the world, but if you really want to get your aggressive chewer a cute plush toy, here’s one that stands a chance. It’s double seamed and made of a tough kevlar-like material. That’s probably not enough to stop a dog who’s intent on getting at that sweet, sweet stuffing inside, but it’s certainly stronger than your average plushie.

These toys come in a lot of different forms, everything from dinosaurs to barnyard animals.

goDog dragons are whimsical, bright creatures which are as tough as they are cute. Made with bubble plush and lined with Chew Guard Technology, these toys stand up to tough play. Minimal stuffing gives these toys a fun “floppy” feel that dogs love!

Kong Squeezz Toy – Strong Squeaky Chew and Throw Stick


What dog doesn’t love a squeaky toy?

Earlier we warned against toys with squeakers as they can become choking hazards if a dog manages to rip them apart.

Thankfully, Kong toys are tough enough to withstand the most aggressive of chewers and the Squeez Stick, in particular, protects and recesses its squeaker very well.

More of an interactive toy than a standard chew toy you would leave your Lab at home alone with, the Squeez Stick has enough features to be a truly versatile toy.

Made of non-toxic, thermo-plastic rubber, it’s the perfect compromise for your Lab of chewy and durable while also able to bounce unpredictably – and it floats on water too! This guarantees hours of fun, whether you’re inside or outside, on dry land or near water.

The Squeezz toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors so you have plenty of options to find the perfect one for your Lab.

The Best Indestructible Dog Balls For Strong Chewers

We’d say these are the best balls on the market that are tough enough to withstand heavy chewing, while also being a super fun toy for your Lab to get their teeth into, literally!

Although some of the following aren’t strictly ‘balls’ – More ‘balls with a twist’ – They have a spherical shape and serve the same purpose, entertaining your dog exactly the same way.

Tennis balls, footballs – they’re just too easily destroyed and the costs soon mount up. But the following will last most dogs many months while saving you a pretty penny.

Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll 8 Inch Ball With Rope

An especially sturdy ball, the ‘Jolly’ brand was initially started up to create ball toys for horses so it has a proven track record of creating products that stand up against strong teeth and hard chewing.

After discovering how popular the balls were with heavy-chewing dog owners, a little tinkering helped adapt them to dogs’ wants and needs and they’ve been appreciated by dogs and their owners ever since.

The Jolly Ball with Rope is designed to be kicked, tugged, thrown, carried and launched, all of which equals a great ball toy for playing with outside!

It won’t deflate if your dog does puncture it and it also floats, which is ideal for keen swimmers.

Made of non-toxic Polyethylene plastic – safe for both you and your Lab – and sturdy rope for ‘tug and toss’ games, this toy is heavy duty and durable.

The Jolly Pet Balls are available in a variety of sizes and bright colors so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your pup.

This item is a Jolly Pets 8-Inch Romp-n-Roll, Blue. Purpose of use for Farming, Livestock Care. This product is manufactured in United States.


Multipet Nuts for Knots Heavy Duty Rope Dog Toy


As we discussed earlier, rope toys are perfect for heavy chewers due to their intense durability and safety-conscious material composition.

This Nuts for Knots toy is just as tough and substantial as it looks and promises superior durability to other rope ball toys on the market.

It has an impressively sturdy handle too so you can get involved in some seriously interactive games of tug of war with your dog.

Perfect for large dogs like Labs, this Nuts for Knots Heavy Duty Toy is approximately the size of a shot put so is sure to keep your pup occupied for a serious amount of time.

Multipet’s Nuts for Knots Medium Heavy Duty Rope Dog Toy designed for any pet that is tough on toys and likes to tug, chew and fetch.


Goughnuts Guaranteed Indestructible Dog Toy


This is perhaps the toughest dog toy in existence. Judging by the customer reviews, it’s won over a lot of people who have tried a lot of other products and never thought they’d be able to find a toy their dog couldn’t annihilate. You know it’s gotta be tough when comes with a lifetime guarantee.

For safety, this toy is constructed with a red interior, so you know when the dog has penetrated the surface. As the maker of this toy advertises, as long as the green is showing, you can let your dog gouhnuts.

GoughNuts Original Ring was first designed in 2006. There was a need for a safer product and there was a need for tougher or more durable product. The Original Ring design has no weak points. The dog will grab the Ring in a different spot each time creating months and or years of power chewing.

Every GoughNut product has a safety guarantee and when any red is seen, this indicates that the diameters of the toy are damaged.

West Paw Design Jive Zogoflex Durable Ball Dog Chew Toy


The clue is in the name with this ball toy ­– your heavy-chewing Lab is not going to have an easy time destroying this virtually indestructible piece of equipment.

Made in the US by ‘West Paw Design’ with non-toxic, environmentally friendly and recyclable material, this ball is super tough and ideal for the most destructive of chewers.

The manufacturers are so sure of it’s durability that it comes with a 100% guarantee.

Ideally shaped for an unpredictable roll or bounce, this toy is great for interactive throwing and rolling games. It also fits into the Chuckit Ball Thrower to really exercise your dog.

The bright colors also make it stand out and easy to find when thrown on any surface.

This ball is bound to be a hit with any pup.

Jive is the most durable dog ball from West Paw Design yet.  Jive is the only dog ball toy you need – bright, bouncy, and BPA-free.  Jive comes in three sizes to fit any size dog.  The large size dog ball is 3.25 inches wide, which is just a little smaller than the average softball.  The small ball is 2.6 inches wide, which is similar to the size of a standard tennis ball.  Jive also comes in a new mini size for small dog breeds that is only 2 inches wide, which is almost the size of a golf ball.  Other dog chew toys can be hard on dog’s teeth, but even though Jive is guaranteed strong, it is gentle on dog’s mouths.


Planet Dog Orbee–Tuff SnowBall


The US made Orbee-Tuff SnowBall is incredibly tough and durable; so much so that Planet Dog are prepared to 100% guarantee its toughness “any time, every time”.

While you’ll be delighted at how long it lasts, your Lab will love the ball’s captivating mint aroma and rough textured surface that makes chewing and playing with this toy a joy.

This strong chew toy has other features that make it the perfect interactive play ball, such as its ability to bounce and float, for Labs that love to fetch and chew hard.

Hollow on the inside, the ball has two small ventilation holes on the side that allow the ball to squish down once it’s bitten on and then bounce back into position once it’s been released so there’s no need to worry about your Lab wearing their teeth down on hard plastic.

The world’s first doggie-durable, buoyant, bouncy, minty and NON-MELTING snowball is also 100% guaranteed. Cool. p.s. No yellow snow was used in the making of this product!



Hopefully, you’re now equipped with the knowledge and recommendations to help you choose the perfect toy for your Lab who chews hard.

Remember to avoid plush, stuffed toys as well as vinyl or latex – these materials simply don’t make the grade against heavy chewers.

It’s cost efficient and safer to start thinking of a chew toy as an investment for a number of months or years so focus on quality materials and fun features that your Lab can’t help but love.

You can’t go wrong with hard rubber and sturdy cotton rope and, if in doubt, always opt for the ultra-durable Kong brand!

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